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Creating a Clinical Case

Clinical Cases batch samples together per 'Patient Disease Event' for analysis, it may stretch over any period time and include both human and food, water or other relevant samples. A number of additional attributes, e.g. symptoms, are captured per Case

Clinical Cases are good examples of how Senaite's underlying Batching functionality is customised for a given scenario

Navigate to Cases from the Navigation tree, click the [+add] button

List of Clinical Cases in Bika Health LIMS

After creating a Case, the user lands on its AR creation page

New Case Analysis Requests

Case Analysis requests

See Creating Batch Analysis Requests in the LIMS manual for AR Creation.

A Case, or disease episode, may include human as well as environmental samples.

Users may also add ARs to and existing Case:

Add ARs to existing Clinical Case

  or on the AR Create or Edit pages

Assign Case on AR



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