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First Bika Senaite User Manual entries

The Bika LIMS 3 manual is aging fast, but most concepts endure. Starting to brush off the texts

Bika Open Source LIMS Top level ERD

Main Setup items

Before diving deeper, and ignoring trivial setup items, the main workflow items

Clients and Contacts

Bika Senaite differentiates between Client organisations and their people, Client Contacts. Analyses are requested by, and results published to, a Client's Contacts. Clients must be defined in the system before they can submit analysis requests and populate their preferences and contact details


Creating Batches and their Analysis Requests

Note that Batches do not have to be Client specific. Especially in research labs, ARs can be from many sources. For the same purpose, ARs can belong to many Batches

Creating Worksheets the easy way

A number of analyses, on different samples but logically belonging together - such as intended for the same lab workstation, instrument of specific analyst - can be grouped into a single unit of work on a Worksheet. All results are reviewed together, in context of QC results associated on the same sheet

Workflow Summary

QC. Creating Reference Samples

Bika Senaite tracks results of control analyses done on reference samples for which the expected results are specified, to determine whether analysts, instruments and reagents are performing true to specification, also presented as QC control charts. 'Out of range' results raises an alert prompting the user to retest if necessary

Display columns. Sorting Bika Senaite tables

To facilitate small screen displays, users select which columns they want displayed on Sample, Analysis Request and Worksheet lists.  

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