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The LIMS Landscape

Bika LIMS does chemistry very well, to ISO 17025 standard, and with the correct configuration, the same for many other disciplines - different tests, methods and sample types. Most labs only interface their instruments and configure the rest for a good fit

Some lab disciplines share configurations, the same analysis methods and Analyses and functional specifics

Earlier the different disciplines were applied as customisations in different Bika LIMS branches. All but the very specific are now consolidated and modularised in mature flexible configuration and add-ons that achieve the desired differentiation. 20 Years of continuous user feedback and development went into it

Don't do mixed discipline LIMS

Regardless of which LIMS, mixed discipline labs make for complex configurations having to differentiate analyses and methods for different sample types

In such cases it is better to run a LIMS instance per discipline, sharing a Client database. There are no licence fees and Bika can be deployed on multiple servers for unlimited users without additional cost  

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Standard LIMS Configuration, Workflow 

A wide base of general LIMS functions are covered in Bika LIMS as is and can be configured to lab fit sans technical intervention

Add-ons and Customisations

Expand the basic LIMS using Senaite and Bika modules. Or customise your own. Full ownership of the code


To accentuate Bika’s versatility in different laboratory environments, the original Bika Branch naming convention is maintained for builds and configurations per discipline:

2017 Bika Open Source LIMS for Chemistry amd Microbiology

Food and beverages 


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ISO 17025 ready 

Water quality and environmental management


Bika Fire Assay logo - Open Source LIMS for mining and exploration 

Geochemistry, mining and exploration


Bika Cannabis Open Source sans LIMS logo 300x 

Cannabis and regulated industries


300 x 61 



Logo Bika Health Open Source LIS

Health care and veterinary laboratories

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Professional Service Provider and Primary Sponsor

Bika Lab Systems supports the Bika OS LIMS Collective

Voluntary Assistance

 New home for the bika-user list
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Ranching cattle and code, shooting straight