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File Bika Senaite LIMS Video. Batch Sample Registration
This video illustrates Batched Sample registration in Bika (and Senaite) Open Source LIMS. In a follow-up video, Samples will be processed further, using LIMS worksheets
File ECMAScript program Bika Senaite LIMS Video. Receiving and Labelling Samples
In this video, we Receive Samples earlier registered remotely at the lab, and checking them in, where after they are made available for analysis
File text/texmacs Bika Senaite LIMS Video. Worksheets
The Video reviews existing Worksheets and the Worksheet Templates used to create them in Bika Open Source LIMS
File Bika Senaite LIMS Video. Verification and Publication
Reviewing Worksheet results for Verification. Retract and Retest dubious results. Verify Worksheets and Publish Sample results Certificates of Analysis
File Bika Instrument Interfacing
LIMS with Geochemistry configuration for mining and exploration with gratitude by Geoangol,, Luanda, currently implementing Bika Fire Assay. The video is produced by the Bika Open Source LIMS project.
File Creating and Using Calculations
Many Analysis results are calculated from dependent result values or unreported parameters like weights and factors. These can all be configured in Bika by lab manager users.
File ECMAScript program Creating and using Worksheet Templates
Create WS Templates including of QC Analyses in fixed positions, Instrument and Method defaults, from which Worksheets are cloned without having to go through lengthy manual processes every time such a worksheet is required
File Troff document Bulk Sample Import
Registering big volumes of Samples is cumbersome - rather import them from spreadsheets. Much quicker
File ECMAScript program Bika QC. Reference Definitions and Samples
Bika Senaite provides a function to save CRM specification sets as Reference Definitions. Every time a new Reference Sample is created, a corresponding Reference Definition is used