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3.2 Order of Configuration

The configuration items are not necessarily discussed in the best sequence for setting the LIMS up, e.g. to correctly configure the Analysis Services the lab offers, you'll need the Lab departments, Methods, Instruments, Calculations, etc. to be populated first. This page tables the order in which to structure the systematic configuration

Setup icon 32  Set-up. System defaults

At the start of your systems setup, main considerations before diving deeper

Lab icon blue green 64 The Lab


Lab Information, Contacts, Departments, Users and Groups


Green and Brown men icon 64  Clients and Client Contacts


Lab icon blue green 64  Manufacturers and Suppliers


Drop icon 64 green  Samples and Sampling


Container Types icon 32  Containers and Preservation

Drops Icon 32  Sample Types / Products

ZA Flag icon 32  Sample Points


Microscope icon 64  Methods and Instruments


drop and graph icon 64  Analysis Categories and Services


Calculator icon 32  Results Calculations

Spacer 350


Checkboxes icon 64  Profiles


Ruler icon 32  Product Specifications


Worksheet template icon 64  Analysis Request Templates


drop and graph icon 64  Reference Standards and Samples


Foir drops icon 32  Worksheet Templates


Branding your LIMSSpacer 350


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