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Recent Updates

4.4 Instrument QC
Instruments decommission themselves when failing QC. Control Charts
4.1 Instrument Configuration
Instrument Methods and Calibration Certificates
4. Instrument Management
Table of Contents
Senaite User Manual
The Bika LIMS 3 manual is aging fast, most concepts endure. Pick up the thread here for Senaite Open Source LIMS
3.2 Main Setup items
Before diving deeper, and ignoring trivial setup items, the main workflow items
3. Configuration
Setting up your LIMS. Only users with lab manager authorisation have access to the LIMS configuration. Users won't have to come here regularly, most of the configuration is completed during initial implementation.
3.10 Filtering by Department
In big laboratories with specialised departments, e.g. public health care, Analysts and Department Managers can be give exclusive access to their own work areas only, and reduce clutter and interference by irrelevant infotoxin
3.8 Product Specifications. QC
Setting up valid ranges for Analysis results per Sample Type. Any result outside of the range specified, raises alerts
3.6.4 Configuring Sample and AR attributes
Senaite LIMS provides a host of Sample and Analysis attributes not used by all labs, even in the same discipline. Selwct and order the ones your lab requires
Bacterial Identification. Susceptibility testing
Many different criteria may be employed for bacterial identification, depending on what organism is being identified and how much detail into the organism's classification the lab and Client are interested
3.5 Analysis Methods. Sample Points and Types
Leading up to the Analysis Services the lab offers, all their dependents - Methods, Instruments, Specifications, containers etc
3.6 Analysis Services
Setting up Analysis Services - the tests offered by the lab to its clients, their Methods and parameters
3.6.2 Measure of Uncertainty. Results Options
Setting up Analysis Services - the tests offered by the lab to its clients, their Methods and parameters
3.6.1 Description and Analysis tabs
Setting up Analysis Services - In more details on the AS Analysis tab