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Table of Contents
Bika Senaite LIMS User Manual
User Manual
Bika and Senaite user manual. Open Source LIMS
13.1 Creating Worksheets
A number of analyses, on different samples but logically belonging together - such as intended for the same lab workstation, instrument of specific analyst - can be grouped into a single unit of work on a Worksheet. All results are reviewed together, in context of QC results associated on the same sheet
13.1.1 Creating Worksheets from Sample Lists
There is an easy way to create new Worksheets directly from Sample Lists, per Client and Batch
12.1 Creating a Sample Batch
Note that Batches do not have to be Client specific. Especially in research labs, Samples can be from many sources. For the same purpose, Samples can belong to many Batches
Batch Invoices
11.3 Receiving and Labeling Samples
1.6 Technical. Hardware. Server stack
Recommendations for Server and desktop LIMS hardware, barcode printer and scanners
6 Analysis Services. Categories
Setting up Analysis Services - the tests offered by the lab to its clients, their Methods and parameters. Categorising them
6.7 Results Interpretation Templates
Use Interpretation templates for frequently used texts to capture to these styled text boxes for Samples and their COAs
6.6 Advanced
Capture information about the conditions of a Sample that will influence how it will be analysed
Using the Bika Issue Tracker
How to get issues dealt with efficiently
Error Messages. Alerts. Logs
Under Construction. Starting a list here. With their meanings - machine generated from the cryptic deep. Decoded
17 Use Cases
Some special cases resolved in Bika LIMS
Some Technical matters
Tips and tricks getting around the back engine of the LIMS