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Recent Updates

Table of Contents
Bika / Senaite LIMS User Manual
11.2 Sampling. Preservation
Where labs use their own Samplers and need to record information about the Sampling process and capture Field Analysis results, the Sampling workflow can be activated in the set-up to enforce this step
User Manual
For Bika and Senaite Open Source LIMS
4. Configuration
Setting up your LIMS. Only users with lab manager authorisation have access to the LIMS configuration. Users won't have to come here regularly, most of the configuration is completed during initial implementation.
4.4 ID server
The Bika / Senaite ID server generates unique sequential IDs for all new objects, Samples, ARs, Invoices, COAs and can be configured to fit most needs
Manual Convention
How to make most of these pages
11 Workflow Basics
How the basic transactional objects, Analyses and Analysis Requests, proceed through the system, triggering actions and influencing parent objects. Much more efficiency is eventually achieved using Batches and Worksheet. More later
13 Worksheets
A number of analyses, on different samples but logically belonging together - such as intended for the same lab workstation, instrument of specific analyst - can be grouped into a single unit of work on a Worksheet. All results are reviewed together, in context of QC results associated on the same sheet
7 Calculations
Lab managers configure the lab's analysis results Calculations without programmer intervention using standard arithmetic operations +, -, *, / and more advanced percentages, square roots, exponentiation, and logarithmic functions to derive results from dependent analyses and interim fields
10 Quality Control in Bika
QC results are captured with reference to the specific reference material and instrument used, and added to their control tables and charts. Out-of-range results raise alerts, prompting the user to initiate retesting workflow
10.4 Control Charts
Automating QC plots. Per Analyte, Instrument and Reference Sample
10.5 QC Failure Workflow
Using reference samples on a worksheet. Verification, retraction and rejection workflow
5.4 Corrective Action
If configured, instruments decommission themselves when failing QC
5.3 Instrument QC
QC. Control Charts for Instruments, Disabling instruments failing QC, Calibration certificate expiry
10.2 Creating Reference Samples
Bika tracks results of control analyses done on reference samples for which the expected results are specified, to determine whether analysts, instruments and reagents are performing true to specification, also presented as QC control charts. 'Out of range' results raises an alert prompting the user to retest if necessary