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Recent Updates

Introduction to Bika Health
All of the Bika | Senaite 'LIMS' functionality described up to here in the manual, is inherited by Bika Health. LIMS Batches become Clinical Cases per Patient disease event, Clients become Referring Institutions and Patients and Doctors are added
Doctors. Care givers
Called Doctors here but can be any authorised care giver
Table of Contents
Bika / Senaite LIMS User Manual
Branded Client facing Lab portal
More than a LIMS. Web portal and information repository
4.7 Translation and Localisation
Some readers may find medical terminology in the manual here different to what they use locally in the lab. All terms and field tags and descriptions can easily be customised in Senaite's translation dictionaries via an easy to use web interface
1.3 Language Preference
Bika and Senaite can be browsed concurrently in multiple languages, set individually in the user's browser preferences
1. LIMS Portal
Bika LIMS, Senaite overview. Client facing lab portal
1.4.1 Replace the LIMS banner and favicon
1.4.2 Customise the LIMS front page
Brand your LIMS, draw client prospects
1.4.3 Portlets
It is quite easy using standard Plone to add more portlets to Bika Senaite pages
4.2 Order of Configuration
The configuration items are not necessarily discussed in the best sequence for setting the LIMS up, e.g. to correctly configure the Analysis Services the lab offers, you'll need the Lab departments, Methods, Instruments, Calculations, etc. to be populated first. This page tables the order in which to structure the systematic configuration