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Recent Updates

1.1.1 User preferences and passwords
Resetting your password and all that jazz
15.3 Retrieving Samples
15 Sample Storage
LIMS browser Title and favicon. Banner colour
How to replace the LIMS favicon in Bika and Senaite, edit the toolbar colour and site title
1.4.1 Replace the LIMS logo, banner, title and favicon
How to replace the LIMS logo in Bika and Senaite
1. LIMS Portal
Bika LIMS, Senaite overview. Client facing lab portal
Branded Client facing Lab portal
More than a LIMS. Web portal and information repository
13.5 Creating Worksheets the easy way
The same manual schlepp of creating Worksheets with all their QC Analyses and all, gets a whole lot easier with Worksheet Templates
1.4.2 Customise the LIMS front page
Brand your LIMS, draw client prospects
4.8.1 Open Online Template
Configure new Bika and Senaite installations from Google sheet import template