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Recent Updates

6.2 Uncertainty. Results Options
Configure Measures of Uncertainty, canned texts for Results Options
7 Calculations
Lab managers configure the lab's analysis results Calculations without programmer intervention using standard arithmetic operations +, -, *, / and more advanced percentages, square roots, exponentiation, and logarithmic functions to derive results from dependent analyses and interim fields
Introduction to Bika Health
All of the Bika | Senaite 'LIMS' functionality described up to here in the manual, is inherited by Bika Health. LIMS Batches become Clinical Cases per Patient disease event, Clients become Referring Institutions and Patients and Doctors are added
Bacterial Identification
Many different criteria may be employed for bacterial identification, depending on what organism is being identified and how much detail into the organism's classification the lab and Client are interested
Sensitivity and Susceptibility Testing
Organisms' sensitivity to drugs are measured in diameter of their colonies in the presence of the drug, say 'Sensitive' or Resistant'. Bika formula can be used to automate this procedure
4.8.1 Open Online Template
Configure new Bika and Senaite installations from Google sheet import template
4.8.2 Instructions for completing Bika Setup sheets online
Completing the Bika Setup Data sheets
Configure Bika and Senaite with imported setup data
Configure new Bika and Senaite installations from spreadsheet imports