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Recent Updates

13 Worksheets
A number of analyses, on different samples but logically belonging together - such as intended for the same lab workstation, instrument of specific analyst - can be grouped into a single unit of work on a Worksheet. Sometimes called a Job Card. Here, all results can be reviewed together, in context of peers and associated QC results on the same page
4.8.1 Open Online Template
Configure new Bika and Senaite installations from Google sheet import template
User Manual
For Bika and Senaite Open Source LIMS
1.5.2 ERD
Bika Senaite uses the Zope Object Databas, ZODB. In entities and relations, it looks like this
1.1.1 User preferences and passwords
Resetting your password and all that jazz
1.2.1 Display preferences
To facilitate small screens and reduce clutter irrelevant to users in their specific workspaces, they select which columns they want displayed on Sample, Analysis Request and Worksheet lists. Table display columns. Sorting Bika and Senaite tables
Manual Convention
How to make most of these pages
1.2.2 Tables
Another helpful tip: Data in Bika tables can be sorted per column by clicking on the column header
1. LIMS Portal
Bika LIMS, Senaite overview. Client facing lab portal
4.4 ID server
The Bika / Senaite ID server generates unique sequential IDs for all new objects, Samples, ARs, Invoices, COAs and can be configured to fit most needs
11.3 Receiving and Labeling Samples
11 Workflow Basics
How the basic transactional objects, Analyses and Analysis Requests, proceed through the system, triggering actions and influencing parent objects. Much more efficiency is eventually achieved using Batches and Worksheet. More later
11.1 Sample Registration
12 Batching
6.1 Description, Analysis
Setting up Analysis Services - In more details on the AS Analysis tab