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Recent Updates

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Bika Senaite LIMS User Manual
User Manual
Bika and Senaite user manual. Open Source LIMS
Asynchronous Background Processing
In high volume labs, such as those testing for tens of pesticides per sample, system performance slows down for big tasks such as submitting big Worksheets for Verification, and it is better to perform these tasks asynchronously in the background, freeing the user up to continue with other tasks in the LIMS. Asynchronous processes complete quicker too
17.4 Using Asynchronous Processing
With the add-ons installed, Analysis numbers that exceed the set limits, are automatically queued and the user kept informed of its progress
17. 3 Configuring Queue management
In the Queue's Settings, point to the Queue server client and set the numbers of objects to process, max retries, the minimum seconds reserved per task and maximum seconds to wait. Set the Analysis caps for synchronous processing to diverge to the background and free the user up to continue with other tasks
3 Clients and Contacts
​Bika is​ entirely web based and Clients may track the progress of their Samples online, access and search their results and COAs or run reports on it
LIMS browser Title and favicon. Banner colour
How to replace the LIMS favicon in Bika and Senaite, edit the toolbar colour and site title
11.2 Sampling. Preservation
Where labs use their own Samplers and need to record information about the Sampling process and capture Field Analysis results, the Sampling workflow can be activated in the set-up to enforce this step
Instrument messages
Business rules, QC, are coded into Bika Instruments and error and warning messages are generated when not adhered to
Error Messages. Alerts. Logs
Under Construction. Starting a list here. With their meanings - machine generated from the cryptic deep. Decoded
7 Calculations
Lab managers configure the lab's analysis results Calculations without programmer intervention using standard arithmetic operations +, -, *, / and more advanced percentages, square roots, exponentiation, and logarithmic functions to derive results from dependent analyses and interim fields
13.8 Instrument Results Import
If configured, Bika LIMS imports results files automatically from instruments' results destination folder. Here we dis cuss how to do it manually
1.1.3 Bika Browser convention
13.2 Add QC Controls
To review and verify or retract routine results with certainty, QC results are associated with them on the same Worksheet
11.1 Sample Registration