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Recent Updates

Table of Contents
Bika / Senaite LIMS User Manual
User Manual
For Bika and Senaite Open Source LIMS
2 Users and Groups. Security
Secure access per authorisation role
8 Analysis Profiles. Sample Templates
Analysis Panels and Masks. Collection of analyses frequently requested, stored as Analysis Profile and repeatedly used as request 'template'
1. LIMS Portal
Bika LIMS, Senaite overview. Client facing lab portal
1.1.6 Dashboard
An Overview of work under way
4. Configuration
Setting up your LIMS. Only users with lab manager authorisation have access to the LIMS configuration. Users won't have to come here regularly, most of the configuration is completed during initial implementation.
4.5 Samples and Sampling
Sample Points and Types, Containers, Preservation. Configuration leading up to the Analysis Services the lab offers, all their dependants
1.5.1 LIMS Version
How to determine your LIMS version. Frequently required by support and helpdesk