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Recent Updates

1.1.3 Bika Browser convention
11.2 Creating Analysis Requests
11.3 Receiving and Labeling Samples
11 Workflow Basics
How transactional objects proceed through the system, triggering actions and influencing parent objects
11.1 Workflow summary
Batches, Analysis Requests, Samples, Analyses and Worksheets. This table summarises the workflow relationship between Samples, Analyses Requests, Analyses and Worksheets
9 Product Specifications
Setting up valid ranges for Analysis results per Sample Type. Any result outside of the range specified, raises alerts
8 Analysis Profiles. AR Templates
Analysis Panels and Masks. Collection of analyses frequently requested, stored as Analysis Profile and repeatedly used as request 'template'
1. LIMS Portal
Bika LIMS, Senaite overview. Client facing lab portal
6.3 AS Methods
Setting up Analysis Services - The Analysis Service's Method, Instrument, Calculation, Duplicate Variation % and Accreditation i
6.4 Sample and AR attributes
Senaite LIMS provides a host of Sample and Analysis attributes not used by all labs, even in the same discipline. Selwct and order the ones your lab requires
User Manual
Bika and Senaite LIMS manual
6 Analysis Services
Setting up Analysis Services - the tests offered by the lab to its clients, their Methods and parameters
1.1.4 Web based workflow
An Overview in 4 steps
12.2 Bulk AR Import
Creating Big volumes of Big ARs are cumbersome - rather import them from spreadsheets. Much quicker
12.1 Creating Batched ARs
Note that Batches do not have to be Client specific. Especially in research labs, ARs can be from many sources. For the same purpose, ARs can belong to many Batches