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Recent Updates

12.2.1 Preparing the CSV
Complete the CSV for import like this
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12.2 Batch Sample Import
Registering big volumes of Samples is cumbersome - rather import them from spreadsheets. Much quicker
3.1 Client Organisations and their Contacts
Bika Senaite differentiates between Client organisations and their people, Client Contacts. The LIMS communicates with the Contacts only. They request Analyses and receive results, browse and report on their data online, via their trusted browsers. They may also configure their own information such as Sample points, and Profiles
11.1 Sample Registration
4.8.4 Post import Configuration
Even the best import sheets do not get to all the corners in the system
4.5.1 Sample Point Locations
With the Sample Point Location add-on installed, users can capture both the Location, a village or building, and the actual Sample Point there for say water samples
4.5 Samples and Sampling
Sample Points and Types, Containers, Preservation. Configuration leading up to the Analysis Services the lab offers, all their dependants
12.1 Creating a Sample Batch
Note that Batches do not have to be Client specific. Especially in research labs, Samples can be from many sources. For the same purpose, Samples can belong to many Batches
LIMS browser Title and favicon. Banner colour
How to replace the LIMS favicon in Bika and Senaite, edit the toolbar colour and site title
9 Product/Analysis Specifications
Setting up valid ranges for Analysis results per Sample Type or Product. Any result outside of the range specified, raises alerts
11.4 Results Capture
Capturing Analysis Results manually on the Sample itself. The long way... good for understanding Samples and Analyses
4.3 Global settings
Before diving deeper, and ignoring trivial setup items, the main workflow items and global defaults
6.1 Description, Analysis
Setting up Analysis Services - In more details on the AS Analysis tab
6 Analysis Services. Categories
Setting up Analysis Services - the tests offered by the lab to its clients, their Methods and parameters. Categorising them