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Add-ons and Customisations

Add-on Products

A wide range of add-on products are available for Bika Senaite. The most commonly used restores the classic Bika look, adds COA templates and instrument interfaces. Others include:

  • Bulk sample upload
  • Serial ASTM instrument interfacing
  • Asynchronous processing for big volume labs
  • For microbiology, antimicrobial susceptibility testing; microorganism identification

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    • Patient and Diagnosis  modules
    • RESTful JSON API
    • Panic level alerts
    • Reflex testing
    • Billing

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Given the generic LIMS functionality and flexible configuration, supplemented by applicable add-ons, most lab LIMS bases are covered. Gaps remain, steadily closed out as project sponsors contribute improvements

On standard implementations new instrument interfaces are often required, maybe mods on the COA

From there on the sky's the limit, regardless of the many Open Source benefits, adding customisations will be more affordable than proprietary

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Professional Service Provider and Primary Sponsor

Bika Lab Systems supports the Bika OS LIMS Collective

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