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Generic Bika LIMS


The standard chemistry configuration principles apply for all  LIMS: they have tests, analysis services configured with specifications, results options and uncertainties; their minor attributes unit, decimal precision, LDL, UDL,  turn-around time, price etc; analysis methods; calculations and instruments 

Instruments are managed with calibration certification, maintenance logs, control charts, and configured with bidirectional interfaces 

Panels of tests frequently ordered together are grouped in analysis profiles, and as sample registration templates per sample point 

Reference standard specifications are used on worksheet templates, corresponding to bench activities that include QC analyses 

All clients and their contacts, LIMS users and publication preferences are set up. Clients may maintain their own collection of sample points and location, analysis profiles and sets of specifications. 

Lab users are configured with authorisations as samplers, clerks, analysts or managers, regulatory inspectors are given system wide view permission 

Document management folders are configured, their visibility,  project groups and their authorisations assembled

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Flexible Workflow

Clients may register and track their samples, look up results online. Groups of samples are batched if they belong together. Bulk samples batches are uploaded from spreadsheets and mobile data collection apps

If required, sample workflow can include sampling, preservation steps and sample partitioning

At reception, samples can be rejected if compromised, stored or taken up in the lab for  preparation and analysis on worksheets per lab bench, analyst or instrument

Manually captured results and that imported from instruments are submitted for verification and published or retracted for retesting

Corrective actions are triggered by out of range QC outcomes and results quarantined. QC results are logged and graphed on control charts

Certificates of Analysis are published to clients per emailed pdf and csv. Recipients are alerted to results out of specified range. Invoices are compiled and emailed

Management reports are run and can be exported as spreadsheets. A system wide live search function finds data

All edits are captured to an audit trail


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Bika Open Source LIMS Flow and Functionality

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