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Inventory management. Use Case and Functional Specification
In response to a requirement in the pharma industry, Vis Magnetica (Uruguay) and Bika Lab Systems (Cape Town), combined to document Functional Specifications and Use Cases for managing reference samples and consumables in Bika
2017 ISO 17025. Bika Cannabis
Happening now
Froid. Free Open Instrument Middleware
Coming together. Visit to Laos
2017 - 2018 Bika News archive
Archived Bika Open Source LIMS News and Events, 2017 and 2018
2014 - 2016 Bika News archive
Archived Bika Open Source LIMS News and Events, 2014 and 2016
The Current Price of LIMS
'Better than any boxed product'
Bika demo installations upgraded
Three new Bika demonstration installations are now running the latest Bika Senaite 2.2 code
Configuring Bika for Fire Assay
Bika for Geochemistry, mining and exploration
Sample Point Location Feature sponsored by HydroChem Australia
Work starts on expanding Senaite Sample Points to be grouped per Client Location
2018 -2020
Training Videos by Test It Lab
Embracing Open Source, Test It laboratory publishes their Bika training videos for wider consumption
Water and Gold
Three certified and accredited labs have taken Bika into production the past few weeks
The Undeniable Benefits of Professional Open Source
High quality peer reviewed code, robust and secure, scalable, flexible and customisable, affordable
Billing returns to Bika LIMS. Batch Invoicing
Many new functions have been added to Senaite since forking from Bika, it performs exceptionally well and is much easier to maintain, the new modularity making it easier to build add-ons. Some functionality was considered not critical and Bika 3’s Invoicing was left behind. Now it is back
Bika Mail 2/23. Onwards
Nothing momentous, just the standard Open Source momentum progress thing, powered by clients, coded by pros. Mid year edition Bika Newsletter
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 New home for the bika-user list
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Ranching cattle and code, shooting straight