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Someone told me nothing happened today

Pretty pictures made

Bika Open Source LIMS Branch and logos 2017Thank you Lu,

Bika Interlab deserves more hype

Presents an easy business opportunity for labs with Sample homogenisation and distribution capacity. See

Host your own PT Scheme, in own branding and colours, on the web-based Bika Interlab PT system, to guarantee you members immediate results and visualisation in complete confidentiality


Features and Benefits

  • Easy browser based interface 
  • Method differentiation
  • Sample delivery administration
  • Results per email and securely on-line. Immediately when the round closes
  • Free Reference Material - Sufficient stable sample material is provided per round for labs to use for internal quality control. Until the next Bika PT round!
  • Identify measurement problems - participants and coordinators are warned about poor results and issues spanning successive rounds
  • Compare methods and procedures - Statistical parameters are tabled per measurement technique
  • Educate and instil confidence in staff, management and clients
  • Performance Ranking. Participating labs' performances are used to calculate scores per analysis round to display a list of best performers. Labs not in the top see their own relative ranking and score.
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