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Bika Health LIS 3.1.6 released

Following the release of Bika LIMS 3.1.7, our LIS for health care laboratories, Bika Health, has been upgraded to 3.1.6 too, inheriting the new LIMS code and adding more health care enhancements.
Bika Health LIS 3.1.6 released

Bika Health Open Source LIMS web-based workflow in health care laboratories

Bika Health LIS 3.1.6 is a new minor release. Small features and enhancements, alternative invoice workflow, medical insurance, printable worksheets, batch management, six new clinical instrument interfaces, all the enhancements inherited from Bika LIMS 3.1.7 and bug fixes are included.

Also see the Bika Health 3.1.6 wiki release page.

Graphite, first Bika LIMS theme

Graphite by Naralabs is a Diazo theme compatible  with Bika Health 3.1.7, improving its usability and user experience further, delivering a visually appealing and clean design that maximises Plone's work-space, quick access to most of the LIS features with minimum clicks, and dynamic view loads. Graphite video demonstrationInstallation instructions.


Per issue number in the Bika Issue Tracker:

  • HEALTH-137: Medical Insurance for Patients. Alternative invoice workflow

New Instrument interfaces


  • HEALTH-223: When you are adding a doctor through an overlay (add doctor button in cases), the address widgets don't work properly.
  • HEALTH-215: Correct Navigation tree order
  • HEALTH-191: Client Contact permissions
  • HEALTH-204: Doctor Samples view broken
  • HEALTH-200: Additional picklists don't work when creating Patients directly from the Case's view
  • HEALTH-179: "Copy to new" button in AR, doesn't copy the selected data.
  • HEALTH-197: Health's results report error.
  • HEALTH-204: Batch.samples error loading page
  • HEALTH-177: Past Medical History and Drug History's end date selection error.
  • HEALTH-178: Past Medical History, Travell History and Immunization History data: Impossible to remove the last set of data.
  • HEALTH-208: Incompatibilty with new Bika LIMS' add site templates
  • HEALTH-197: Health's results report error
  • HEALTH-189: Patient Edit page: After define a country, it is not saved.
  • HEALTH-184: Add Case: Patient Age at Case Onset Date doesn't get filled after introduce the Onset Date.

The Bika Health on-line demonstration installation has been upgraded with the new code.

Thank you

JordiCampbellPauAlex, and all other code contributors, testers, feature requesters and providers of the enthusiasm that keeps everybody fired up.

Sponsorship was provided by SANBILab San Martin, Oshana Medlabs and off course individual Naralabs and Bika Lab Systems team members who continue to contribute massively on their own accounts.

Update instructions

Bika Health 3.1.6 is a minor release, and there is no need for further changes or modifications elsewhere in the Bika Health instance. If your instance to be updated has been customised, please review whether the customisations are affected by the update by checking the CHANGELOG.txt file published with the release.

See Installing/Upgrading Bika Health LIS extension


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