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Bika LIMS 3.1.6 released

We are proud to announce the Bika LIMS 3.1.6 release. Though mainly a bug-fix version, some small features and enhancements are included too. The release saw a sharp spike in downloads, at the writing of this, more than 1000 a day since its release 17 December.

Thank you

Jordi, Campbell, Pau, Alex, and all other code contributors, testers, feature requesters and providers of the enthusiasm that keeps everybody fired up.  Sponsorship came from De Bortoli WinesDEOHS University of Washington, SANBI, Oshana and Alpha health labs in Namibia, Lab San Martin, and off course individual Naralabs and Bika Lab Systems team members who continue to contribute massively on their own accounts.

Upgrade instructions

LIMS 3.1.6 is a minor release, and there is no need for further changes or modifications elsewhere in the Bika LIMS instance. If your instance to be updated has been customised, please review whether the customisations are affected by the update by checking the CHANGELOG.txt file published with the release. 
See Installing Bika LIMS and/or upgrading Bika LIMS

Feedback and support

Please post questions to one of the Bika mailing lists:
Bika LIMS Users
Bika LIMS design
Bika Developers 
IRC: irc://

Please log issues, feature requests, or bugs in the Issue Tracker. And remember you can also enable your Bika LIMS instance toreport bugs to us automatically via 


The Bika LIMS online demonstration installation will be upgraded to 3.1.6 shortly. 

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