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FHIR Diagnostic Report documentation

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Resource DiagnosticReport - Content

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FHIR Diagnostic Report

DiagnosticReport Bika AR. Analysis Request DomainResource A combination of request information, atomic results, images, interpretation, as well as formatted reports Elements defined in Ancestors: id, meta, implicitRules, language, text, contained, extension, modifierExtension


Bika Name



Description & Constraints

identifier AR ID Cx18-46664-R1 Identifier Business identifier for report
basedOn AR AR
Reference(CarePlan | ImmunizationRecommendation| MedicationRequest | NutritionOrder | ProcedureRequest | ReferralRequest)
What was requested
status State Sample_Received code DiagnosticReportStatus (Required) registered | partial | preliminary | final +
category AR AR CodeableConcept Service category. Diagnostic Service Section Codes (Example)
code AR Cx18-46664-R1 CodeableConcept Name/Code for this diagnostic report. LOINC Diagnostic Report Codes (Preferred)
subject Patient ID (optional) P18-000220/82
Reference(Patient | Group | Device | Location)
The subject of the report - usually, but not always, the patient
Reference(Encounter | EpisodeOfCare)
Health care event when test ordered
effective[x] Clinically relevant time/time-period for report
effectiveDateTime DateTime Analysed 2018/05/01 11:11 dateTime
effectivePeriod Period
issued DateTime exported instant DateTime this version was released
performer Analyst name Afolabi Schneider BackboneElement Participants in producing the report
role Analyst Analyst CodeableConcept Type of performer. Procedure Performer Role Codes (Example)
actor Doctor
Reference(Practitioner | Organization)
Practitioner or Organization participant
specimen Sample ID Cx18-46664 Reference(Specimen) Specimens this report is based on
result Interpretation Reference(Observation) Observations - simple, or complex nested groups
imagingStudy Attachment Link
Reference(ImagingStudy | ImagingManifest)
Reference to full details of imaging associated with the diagnostic report
image Attachment Name CSV File name BackboneElement Key images associated with this report
comment AR Remark string Comment about the image (e.g. explanation)
link Attachment Link Reference(Media) Reference to the image source
conclusion Interpretation string Clinical Interpretation of test results
codedDiagnosis CodeableConcept Codes for the conclusion. SNOMED CT Clinical Findings (Example)
presentedForm Results File
Full Instrument CSV
Attachment Entire report as issued
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