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ID Server recommendations

Handy as a reference should irretrievable typos be made

The Context, Counter Type and Counter Ref columns are left empty

Portal Type Format Seq Type Prefix Split Length
Batch B{year}-{seq:04d} Generated batch 2
DuplicateAnalysis D{year}-{seq:04d} Generated duplicate 2
Invoice Inv{year}-{seq:04d} Generated invoice 2
ReferenceSample QC{year}-{seq:04d} Generated refsample 2
ReferenceAnalysis RA{year}-{seq:04d} Generated refanalysis 2
Worksheet WS{year}-{seq:04d} Generated worksheet 2
AnalysisRequest {sampleType}{year}-{seq:04d} Generated analysisrequest 2
AnalysisRequestPartition {parent_ar_id}-P{partition_count:02d} analysisrequestpar
AnalysisRequestRetest {parent_base_id}-R{retest_count:02d} analysisrequestrett
AnalysisRequestSecondary {parent_ar_id}-S{secondary_count:02d} analysisrequestsec
Batchlnvoice Inv{year}-{seq:05d} Generated 2
SampleImport SI-{seq:05d} Generated 2
ARReport COA{year}-{seq:04d} Generated arreport 2